Birdytell helps you give meaningful gifts for every occasion

Gifting should be a fun way to celebrate those who matter most in our lives. But somehow it has begun to feel like a chore, so we resort to buying generic gifts with little meaning. Birdytell hopes to change that and make it easy for all to give special gifts that won’t end up at the next white elephant party. Birdytell gives you a way to share all the retail items you like, as well as all the things you dream of doing with family and friends. Parents can even create Wish List for their little Peeps. We keep it all a surprise and encourage you to dream big. You never know who a little birdy may tell.

Birdytell took flight in 2014. Since then, people have captured thousands of gifts, experiences and other bucket list items from 51 different countries.

We strive to inspire people to cultivate strong relationships with family and friends by learning about one another, sharing hopes and dreams, and celebrating life’s most precious moments together.

Thoughts from a few people in our community

Our Story...So far.

A barrage of emails, texts and phone calls from relatives asking what she and her family wanted for the holidays two years ago inspired Lisa Morrow to come up with the idea of Birdytell. The idea had been percolating after years of receiving duplicate gifts for her kids, struggling to find the right gift for parents and resorting to buying gift cards for teens. So she decided to make the perfect website where friends and family could share all the things they wanted in one place, while bring the fun and surprise back to gifting.

“Gifting has become a chore and it’s unfortunate because we all want to give great gifts to the people we love. How often do you receive items you don’t want? How often do you struggle to find just the right gift?” said Morrow.

Birdytell is just getting started building the perfect gifting destination for you and your family. We hope to inspire you to dream big when you create your own Wish List and encourage your to build your own flock so you can simplify your gifting life and give more meaningful gifts for every occasion.

The team

Our original team of 7 is small, but mighty. We’re not a bunch of twenty-something tech wizards (some of us are much older tech wizards). We have families. We have family and friends spread across the country. We wanted a tool that could not only help us get closer to them, but also to help us show we care.

And in this process, this little flock we have here at Birdytell has become a family. We hope you like what we have created. We have put our dreams, inspirations, loves, and gifts inside the pages.